Reduce pollen, dust, mold & pet dander with our filters



  • I love our Fan Buddy for several reasons. The first is why I purchased it to begin with, my baby son has been diagnosed with a multitude of allergies. I’ve been researching products to find anything and everything I can to reduce his symptoms and make him more comfortable from his crib bedding to this fan filter.

    Melissa M

  • An excellent products. Verified Purchase Fast shipping. Easy to install. Easy to clean. Helps with the pet hair floating thru the air. Was kind of shocked, really, after the first week of use. I like that it is washable in the bathtub with just soap and water, and that it is reusable. So far so good.


  • It works as described. Takes a little time and patience to install but absolutely worth the effort.
    The air gets filtered and the fan still pushes air through. It’s not going to replace a HEPA filter in your house or business, but it’s an easy addition to the never ending challenge of reducing dust.

    E. Jones

  • An excellent product. Takes a little time and patience to install but absolutely worth the effort. I look forward to doing it right by the fall allergy season and re-screening all the windows. I also think it is a great customer service feature that the owner provides his information if you have questions.

    Susan M L

  • Worked great! We live in south east MA and this allergy season came upon us fast and furious from the crazy winter we had. Product was delivered very quickly which was great considering both my daughter and I suffer with seasonal allergies. We we finally able to get fresh air into our bedrooms.

    Nicole M


PollenTec is an electrostatic filter that traps airborne dust, pollen, dust-mite debris, lint and pet dander. Simply click below to find your model, install it on your fan, and start breathing the benefits of our innovative technology today!



The air inside any building, home or office, can contain more harmful pollutants than the air outside. Toxic pollutants may include dust, bacteria, mold, and pet dander, as well as fumes from man-made substances. These particles become trapped, clinging to surfaces, furniture, and carpets until you stir them up by walking through a room or sitting down. The best air filters for allergies are those that filter at least out 80% of airborne pollens. That means less pollen, dust, and other particles floating through the rooms of your house or office and into your lungs.

Using the right air filters makes a difference in your indoor air quality, and our washable fan filters and HVAC air filters.