MERV 16+ Box Fan Filter System


  • MOST AFFORDABLE / EFFECTIVE air filtering system on the market today. For less than $75.00, including the cost of a powerful box fan, you can protect your loved ones from the dangers of our current global health concerns. 
  • FAN NOT INCLUDED: The product includes one MERV 16 Plus three-stage filter which mounts on the front of the fan. A second MERV 10 Nano media filter that fits on the backside of the fan air intake side.
  •  HOW IT WORKS: The MERV 10 Nano filter on the back of your fan, which attaches directly to the  Velcro hook included. This first stage of filtration has two jobs, one it captures larger particulates two; it keeps your fan clean and free of dust and dirt. Nanofibers are very efficient and allow for exceptional airflow.  The MERV 16+ filter is the same filtration found in hospitals and clean room facilities where fresh air is critical. The M16 filter is made up of three layers of filter media providing exceptional filtration for your home or office.
  • HOW LONG WILL THE FILTER LAST: Included are three MERV 10 Nano filters each lasting 1-2 months. The MERV 16+ filter will perform for 4-6 months.  
  •  INSTALLATION: Provided are two sets of hook Velcro which attach to your fans frame instructions included, a little DIY but very simple to attach. The MERV 16 filter has Velcro hook sewn directly on to the filter, while the MERV 10 filter will stick to the Velcro hook once pressed on.

           Made for 20" Box Fans. FILTER ONLY, fan not included. FREE SHIPPING

20" Box Fan refers to the diameter of the fan blades NOT THE BOX
STANDARD Box Fans measure approximately 20.5" x 20.5"
PREMIUM Box Fans measure approximately 21.5" x 21.5"
Make sure you order the correct size!