PollenTec Rolls




The Clean Air Window Screen by PollenTec® is one of a kind solution. Reduces pollen, dust, dirt from entering your home or business. Save ENERGY & have a cleaner house.

How does the Clean Air Window Screen (CAWS) work? CAWS is a patented polymer screen that filters pollen & dust particles. Possessing special triboelectric properties, CAWS electrostatically pulls airborne particles out of the air, quietly and efficiently keeping your home cleaner.

Lab Tested & Proven. Cleans your air quietly and efficiently without the added cost of electricity.

Easy to install, just replace your old screens. You can do it yourself or it`s very easy to locate a rescreening company in almost any area to do it for you. Simple & Easy.

For millions of Americans that suffer from pollen & dust allergies, opening windows and patio doors and turning off air conditioners (saving energy and money) is only a dream. Now you can.

With the advanced technologies of the PollenTEC screen, enjoying the fresh air is now a reality. PollenTEC screens look very similar to normal screens but are designed with a unique filtering effect. Made of 100% precisely spun polyester.

Visibility compared to regular screen material is approximately twenty percent less and airflow is reduced by roughly thirty percent.