PollenTec Nano Screen Rolls



With the uncertainty of today's rough airborne pathogens and dangerous pollutants, filtering the air that flows into your home is critical to healthy indoor air. PollenTec's new Nano screen blocks particulates down to 2.5 microns. Pollen, fine dust, smog, mold, exhaust fumes, and abraded tire dust. PollenTec Nano screens act as a giant filter for your windows keeping your home safe and clean for your family.


  • IMPROVES YOUR INDOOR AIR QUALITY: By filtering and preventing outdoor contaminants from entering your home, your indoor air quality will significantly improve. Protect the health of your family with PollenTec's Nanofiltration screen
  • WHAT IS NANOTECHNOLOGY SCREEN: Our material is composed of three layers. Electro-spun nanofiber is attached to a protective membrane. Then both layers are laminated to a micro screen mesh. Window screen + Nanofiber + Protective (mesh) three layers.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installs just like regular window screen material using the existing screen frame.
  • CLEANING: Remove the screen frame using a garden hose spray; rinse both sides. Using mild dish soap and a sponge can be helpful.


Larger width rolls below will have seams / joined          material These are made to order and nonrefundable            once the order in production. Lead time 2-weeks                                       
  1. 70” x 50`                               $825.00
  2. 70” x 100`                            $1624.00
  3.   93" x 25`                             $581.00
  4. 117” x 25`                              $731.00