• Use PollenTec Netting to keep pests and rogue airborne pollen out of your greenhouse and reduce your pesticide use.

  • PollenTec Netting can be an effective part of any greenhouse IPM program, keeping biologicals inside the greenhouse where they are doing your crop good.

  • Roof vent PollenTec screens are designed to enable ventilation while limiting the movement of biologicals, and can be fitted to gutter vents, ridge and vents.

  • PollenTec Netting can be retrofitted onto existing greenhouses as well as new greenhouse installations.

  • PollenTec greenhouse screens are designed for ease of installation and are easily maintained.

Greenhouse Pollen Filter Screen Overview

Prevention is easier than a cure

PollenTec screens are used in greenhouses and nurseries in order to control invading rogue pollen from infiltrating your crop. In addition to pollen, PollenTec netting will keep the smallest of insects, outside the greenhouse.

Keep in mind that the smaller the hole the denser the fabric, and the less air movement through the screen. The PollenTec indoor growing screen is a tightly knitted and reduces air flow by twenty percent compaired to regular screening. Proper design of the area covered needs to be considered with ventilation requirements in order to provide enough surface area to enable adequate airflow.

Rogue airborne pollen control and insect protection is becoming very important for crops and greenhouse businesses who want to reduce cross contamination the use of insecticides and pesticides. The use of biologicals as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system means greenhouse growers have a tangible investment that needs to be kept inside the greenhouse. IPM programs generally include some sort of greenhouse insect screen or curtain fabric. With Pollentec as part of a properly designed greenhouse it is an excellent investment for maintaining crop health.